Exercise Therapy Back Pain Prevention

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Solution Base program in PDF format with video and description on how to resolve your back pain for which usually comes from muscle imbalance or dysfunction.


Exercise Therapy Program

The program which shows you step by step to resolve the issue of everyday back problems.  The solution base program will come in PDF format with all you need for the solution for most back issues.  The PDF will be downloadable to any device as well as hyperlinks with videos to show you step by step on how to perform each stage.  First the must has to be inhibited (Calm down the activity of the overactive muscles).  Step 2 will be lengthen the muscles that are short and tight. Step 3 will be activating the under active muscles making them stronger (shorten) to have the balance and order the body demands.  Step 4 will be Dynamic movement and educating the muscles on working together in proper order and optimal length.


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